A&E Dunamis Battery

Many people often get confused when faced with making a decision regarding which battery should they go for while buying an inverter. As such, they are unable to even decide the inverter too, since usually people prefer buying an inverter and battery combo instead of buying them separately. An inverter could be an essential component of every household or residence since it plays an important role in providing uninterrupted power in case of an outage. Essentially, there are three main kinds of batteries one can purchase on the market:

Lead Acid Battery:
The most commonly used batteries, they are economical but require regular maintenance. They also need to be regularly topped up and get their electrolyte level checked.

Maintenance Free Battery:
These are sealed lead acid batteries that require very low maintenance. There’s no need to top them off or check their electrolyte levels. Comparatively, these are costlier and have shorter lives. Check here

Tubular Battery:
They are the most popular kind of inverter batteries. This is because they last for quite a long time, require very low levels of maintenance. A tubular battery is called tubular because of the fact that the chemical compounds used in it in the first place, are sealed using polyester tubes in them. Despite their price, they are a very good buy because of their multiple benefits.

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