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  • 7.5KVA A&E Dunamis Inverter

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    1. High overload ability of our A&E Dunamis charger is up to 300% rated power(20 sec.).
    2. A&E Dunamis pure sine wave inverter adopts low quiescent current, and power saver mode to reduce power consumption to 10W(3s sensing cycle)/3W(30s sensing cycle) *. It can extract max. power from various batteries with different protections, and low voltage trip can be selected (9.5V/10V or 10V/10.5V).
    3. Uses PFC(power factor correction) for charger, which has less power consumption than conventional units.
    4. It has 15s delay before transfer when AC resumes, and overload protection when our A&E Dunamis pure sine wave inverter equips with generator.

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