AE Dunamis 10KVA Servo Single Phase Stabilizer AEST80-D-10KVA

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A&E 10KVA Servo stabilizer (80V-260V)

Introducing the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer (80V-260V), a robust solution tailored for voltage stability to meet the diverse energy needs of various applications in Nigeria. Equipped with state-of-the-art servo motor technology, this stabilizer ensures a reliable and constant power supply within the wide voltage range of 80V to 260V.

Design of A&E 10KVA Servo stabilizer (80V-260V)

Designed for versatility, the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer proves indispensable for safeguarding your electronic devices and appliances, making it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you’re protecting sensitive office equipment or ensuring the longevity of your home electronics, this stabilizer delivers unwavering stability, especially in fluctuating voltage scenarios.

Servo stabilizer Performance

At the core of the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer is its servo motor technology, enabling real-time adjustments for unparalleled stability.

Beyond its outstanding performance, the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer offers affordability without compromising quality. Considering the prices of stabilizers in Nigeria, it emerges as a cost-effective solution for those seeking reliable voltage stabilization.

Invest with confidence in the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer, a technological marvel tailored to meet the dynamic energy demands of Nigerian households and businesses. With a comprehensive warranty and responsive customer support, A&E ensures a seamless experience for users, promising optimal performance and longevity. Say goodbye to worries about voltage fluctuations and welcome a stable and secure power supply for your devices with the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer.

Experience peace of mind as you navigate the fluctuating power landscape in Nigeria with the A&E 10KVA Servo Stabilizer.


Servo motor control.
Fast Creation and high efficiency.
Full Protection over-voltage, overload, overheat, and short circuit
Intelligent auto cooling fan
Wide input voltage range
Wide range appliance, suitable for home and office appliance especially for air conditioner.

Home appliances
Office equipment
Medical equipment.

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